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Extremadura's landscape is best described as a rolling hilly one, in which there are two distinct types of landscape, steppe and dehesa.

Extremadura, holiday, birds, birding, Monfragüe, National Park, steppe near Caceres

The steppes are formed by endless undulating plains, covered with grasses and herbs. This vastness attracts many types of birds, among which are Great- and Little Bustard, Stone-curlew, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Collared Pratincole, Montagu's Harrier, European Roller, Shrikes and Calandra Lark.

Dehesas are vast forests of holm- and corkoaks, where the trees are thinly spread. There is relatively little undergrowth. Dehesas offer breeding grounds to for instance the Black Vultures and Spanish Imperial Eagles and are of great importance to overwintering Common Cranes.

Extremadura, dehesa landscape, holiday, chalet, birds, birding, Finca Las Abubillas

Some important rivers run through the landscape: the Tagus river and the Guadiana river. In the north Extremadura is delimited by the Sierra de Gredos, with peaks of over 6000 feet. Some interesting mountain chains run across Extremadura, such as the Sierra de San Pedro and Las Villuercas. In the south Extremadura is delimited by the Sierra Morena.

Extremadura, Mountain area Las Villuercas, holiday, chalet, birds, birding, Finca Las Abubillas
Monfrague National Park is without doubt the most attractive part of Extremadura. Besides as classified as a National Park, it is also a so called "Reserva de Biosfera", which is very important as it contributes together with its surroundings a large area for nature conservation and sustainable agriculture.
The park is known for its huge amount of raptors, such as Spanish Imperial Eagle, Monk- or Black Vulture, Bonelli's Eagle, Short-toed Eagle and Booted Eagle. On the cliffs throughout the park around 450 pairs of Griffon Vulture breed. Monfrague National Park is mainly closed to the public, but all the specific birds can be seen from the roads through the park. Most famous is the parking place near Pena Falcon, where Tagus river flows through the mountain range. This is a real hotspot for birdwatchers and photographers!

Extremadura, Monfrague, Griffon Vultures

Extremadura, holiday, birds, birding, Monfragüe, National Park, Tagus River