History & Culture

In this centrally situated part of Spain, which traditionally has been one of the poorest parts of the country, the inhabitants have always had to struggle to make a living. Already by the late Middle Ages the Extremenos were looking for a way to provide a livelihood and left this savage and empty region, looking for new lands: the Spanish conquest of Central and South America was the consequence.

Extremadura, holiday, birds, birding, Trujillo, Monfragüe, National Park, the Statue of Pizarro on the beautiful Plaza Mayor

Extremadura has a rich history: the Romans have left their traces behind, the Moors once ruled here, the conquerors were born here, with all the results of this. A visit to Trujillo, Guadalupe, Mérida, Alcantara and Caceres will not leave the lover of culture untouched.

Trujillo: the town of the conquistadores, built upon a granite hill. The castle towers over the town and offers you a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. The lovely Plaza Mayor (main square) is reckoned to be one of the most beautiful in Spain. Here the statue of Pizarro, conqueror of the Inca realm, dominates.

Guadalupe: A visit to the monastery is a must. Many pilgrims precede you. Guadalupe is especially known for The black Virgin of Guadalupe.

Extremadura, holiday, birds, birding, Monfragüe, National Park, Embalse de Valdecanas

Merida: This town was founded in 25 B.C. and became one of the most important main cities of the Roman Empire. Many monuments from that time have been preserved. Merida has therefore been declared a World Heritage Site. Visit the Roman bridge, the Temple of Diana, the Trojan Arch, the aqueduct and the Mitreo-villa with its wonderful mosaic floor and amphitheatre.

Alcantara: Here you will find one of Spain's best preserved Roman bridges.

Extremadura, holiday, birds, birding, Monfragüe, National Park, The Roman bridge of Alcántara

Caceres: This town is listed as a World Heritage site by Unesco. The walled old town with its stately premises and romantic streets, the cathedral, its palaces and churches still breathe the atmosphere of times past.

Extremadura, holiday, birds, birding, Monfragüe, National Park, Arco de la Estrella, Caceres